Healthier You for 2019: 

Are You Ready for the Better You? 


Health, Nutrition and Fitness are the foundation for a Better You. 

If you have thought about it, then Congratulations! You've made the 1st step. Keep going and make the next move.

"Don't look at the height of your mountain, Just climb" ... a quote I wrote to motivate me to be a Better Me.  

It's not about being skinny, it's about being healthier.  It's having more energy, feeling better, mobility, and prevention. Not to the pace of another person, but your journey and at your pace. 

This is not a sprint, it's a lifestyle change. 

If you are not enjoying life to the fullest because you are: tired, short winded, aches, pains, can't fit in seats, depressed, anxiety, carry shame of your size, or just not eating properly. Try a 30 day plan and see how you feel- you will be glad you did. Let's Get Started....

Nutrition and Fitness are solutions to illness, diseases, and prevention. 


Audrey B Johnson, RPh, CPh, MSM


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July 2019

              Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

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Enhancing your View in Health, Care, and Wellness. We are a group of Healthcare professionals committed to the empowerment of people. Our efforts include providing health information, guiding resources, and development services for your wellness and knowledge.

We aim to be your partner in health, your family resource, and impact your lives in a positive way- Health & Living   

Rx View promotes Nutraceutical Products, Health, and Fitness for a Better-Healthier You!

As you begin 2019, make a change in your eating choices, add Natural products and regimens. 

Get Active! Detox with our Total Life Changes system, add Vitamins-Minerals that are absorbed at 100% and provide more of what you need for Energy (NutraBurst). 

We've added the Zilis products of Herbal products with CBD and other Homeopathic options. 

Let's get you on your mark!... If you don't try, you're missing out on Easy-Natural-Safe way to start your journey. 

We have an Addiction Crisis and want to support those who may need resources. 

It has been reported that drug and alcohol addictions begin with introduction to use as early as age 13. Reports also reveal 90% of addiction begins in teen years. 

There's a growing epidemic to Meth and Heroin, with a host of street drug variations being created as Opioid controls have been enforced. We have a crisis! 

Once the addiction starts, it typically requires support and treatment assistance from various trained professionals. 

Addiction can be initiated from general treatment with addictive medications, curiosity of use, seeking emotional relief from a life experience or trauma. Regardless of how the addiction began, help and support is needed. 

Addictions cause impairment, break foundation values, cause irrational behavior, damaging life choices, danger, harm and death. Recovery is not easy. The mind and body are not in harmony. 

Do you or someone you love suffer from addition?

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