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              January 2023

    Fentanyl Poisoning - Overdose Epidemic 

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Author:  Audrey B. Johnson, RPh, CPh, MSM

Mental health conditions can affect all ages, races, colors and identities. Multiple factors that contribute to poor mental health outcomes in minorities include a lack of access to high-quality mental health care; societal stigma surrounding mental health care, sexism, and a general lack of knowledge about mental health, language barriers, and being uninsured or under insured are all factors.

Regardless of their history, everyone will face the struggles of mental illness. Even though rates of depression are lower in blacks (24.6%) and Hispanics (19.6%) than in whites (34.7%), depression in blacks and Hispanics is likely to be more persistent. Mental disorders are common among people in the criminal justice system, which has an unbalanced representation of racial/ ethnic minorities.

Approximately 50% to 75% of youth in the juvenile justice system meet criteria for a mental health disorder. People from racial/ethnic minority groups are less likely to receive mental health care. For example, in 2015, among adults with any mental illness, 48% of whites received mental health services, compared with 31% of blacks and Hispanics, and 22% of Asians.

To learn about best practices for treating diverse populations and to get answers to your questions by leading psychiatrists, please visit APA's Cultural Competency

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Do you know just how bad? 

Fentanyl Crisis and the Overdose Epidemic  

 The Fentanyl Crisis and Overdose   Epidemic   has taken many lives and   impacted many   families. 

 In 2022, a significant increase in deaths and overdoses to near deaths occurred. The DEA and other entities have reported that 2021 was a deadly year with a 30-40% increase over prior. We expect that 2022 numbers will be staggering as well. 

Fentanyl is  50x stronger than Heroin and 100x stronger than Morphine! Small amount in size of 3 grains of salt can kill.


How did we get here? Social Media sales and innovative ways to have this deadly drug laced on pills, candies, marijuana and other ways of consumption. We are in an epidemic and it can happen to your family, friends or associates. Just 1 pill can kill (see article on this topic (

This epidemic has and will continue until more discussion, interventions, and awareness takes place.  Ages impacted the most were 15yrs to 45yrs. TALK ABOUT it.

Drug use unfortunately has been a social element for many years with variations of forms and additions. This one is deadlier than the Crack and Crank era. WARNINGS and Conversations need to be had. The temptation to explore has claimed many lives. Don't let your silence lead to grief. Have the conversations with your family, friends, and groups. 

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Written by: Audrey B. Johnson RPh, CPh, MSM